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na jane ku u sath chod kr ik pal mai log badal jate hain….ku ni samajh pate k vo kisi k liye puri duniya hain…or ager vo he chod kr chale gaye to rahega he kya…

 शहर क ्व ल  का कहना हव सक नोट बं दी क बाद े ीजन बू  री

 साटा चुभता है। ब क की व्ा ऐसी क घं ट कता म लगने क बाद भी बताा जा हा है-

के सपने देखने लगी थी. क्यों मैं अब दिन-रात उसी से बातें करना चाहती थी. अब उससे अपनी

फिल्म देखने जाना, ये सब हमें अच्छा लगने लगा था. उसकी पूरी दुनिया बन गई थी मैं, मेरी पूजा करता था वो.

Tale to bahut achhi hai magar ethical me dam nahi hai.. ek baat aur ansu nikal diye boy ne, kaas mai tumhari story me ghuskar us boy ko bacha pata.

A further finest means of build romantic relationship stronger should be to study tolerance for the reason that In case you have the ability to tolerate the foolish issues Then you really turn into much more thriving I lifestyle also. Normally cooperate with your spouse and help him in complicated circumstances, by doing this you can provide regard to your spouse and it will assist in your romantic relationship. Both associates have an ability of compromise for the reason that For those who have यह चार दाने चावल के जेब में रखते ही होगा वशीकरण का चमत्कार this skill then absolutely you will never experience any obstacle in a very connection. Yet one more important matter is normally apologies when you do any slip-up, simply because if you are doing these items then it is going to always mirror your good picture to your dad or mum.

 मु तासबक नोट बं दी क बाद खच  सनकालना भी मु कल हो रहा

kaash ki vo ladla marene ki jagah lifestyle ko chunta aur ek achievement male banta lifestyle me vo kyo mra kyo di apni jaan jb ki uski to koi galti Hello nhi thi

woh. it’s definitely a nice Tale but it really ending is so sad aisa kabhi kisi ka sath na ho.Aur nahi kuch aisa karo khud.

अलग पहचान हव। जयपु र म चौडा राता और ह्ामहल क 

लेकिन सच्चे या झूठे प्यार को पहचानना दिन-ब-दिन मुश्किल होता जा रहा है.

यथा रस स्तता आहत्मा, यथा आहत्मा तथा रस:

If any challenge has long been established in your relationship then talk about it or concern about your issues Along with the husband or wife then you will be able to solve your romantic relationship anxieties.

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